March Meetup

Great turn out for the March meetup at We Work!

Things we talked about:


Presentation on Samsung’s new geocoder Pelias by
John Crepezzi @seejohnrun

  • the name is Pelias: “The Search Based Reverse-Geocoder”
  • it’s open source & built on open data
  • built autonomously from Samsung
  • nice quote: “value is moving up the stack” by Ev Williams. As technology moves up the stack (becomes open-source) value becomes more important
  • Pelias is built on open data: Quattroshapes (boundaries), Geonames (indexes with alternative names, including informal names), WOE (where on earth, yahoo, similar to genomes), OSM (poi data)
  • technology: ElasticSearch, Redis, PostGIS
  • communities: GitHub and GeoNYC
  • 440 GB geo-index for the whole planetGeocoding. ie: where’s a thing?
  • reverse geocoding. ie: what’s at this location?
  • address search
  • POI search
  • geographic feature search
  • works really well in NYC! (because data is open and imported into OSM)
  • returns GeoJSON

Google / Open Refine Demo

For Next Time

  • Let’s find out how many cyclists were killed or injured in bike lanes using CartoDB (or some other way if you choose). Then you can riff on that data any way you’d like.